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Sleeve Tee Printed Letter Neck Character Short FRIENDS Round qwag44f


You can pick each item that goes into your Imperfect box.

Don't like kale? No problem. Extra carrots? You got it. You have the power to make each order into the Imperfect box of your dreams. The key? Customizing. Welcome to the best part of your week.

How Customization Works


We let you know what
produce is available
that week

A few days before your box arrives, we let you know when you can log in to your account to see which fruits and veggies are available from our farmers. Our items change each week depending on the seasons, but we typically offer a menu of 30-40 items for each conventional and organic boxes.

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You choose the produce
you'd like in your box

(or we'll surprise you!)

During a specific period of time before your delivery (your "customization window"), you can add and remove items to your heart's desire. If you forget to choose, or if you just love a good surprise, we'll pick for you!


We pack
and deliver your box

FRIENDS Tee Printed Short Round Letter Neck Character Sleeve

We receive your order when your customization window closes. Then we get to work assembling your perfect box and getting it to your door!

Tips for customizing like a pro

Neck FRIENDS Printed Letter Round Sleeve Tee Short Character

Make a meal plan.

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This is a perfect time to plan out your meals for the week! While ordering 8 heads of lettuce is great if you love Caesar salad enough to consider changing your name to Caesar, it's not great if you can't eat all that lettuce or find a warren of hungry rabbits before it wilts. Set yourself up for success by having a game plan for every fruit and veggie that you're incorporating into your box so nothing goes to waste!

Storage Matters.

How we store our produce has a huge effect on how long it lasts. Having a plan (and space) to properly store your Imperfect produce will help you to get the most out of every turnip that turns up at your door. To make this easier, we send a produce storage guide with your first box. Display yours somewhere prominent, like on your fridge next to the wedding invitations, magnetic poetry, or your children's artwork, so your friends will know that proper produce storage is a priority for you. We also print a storage guide on all boxes, just in case you need a weekly reminder!

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Opt for produce with longer
FRIENDS Sleeve Character Round Tee Printed Letter Short Neck
shelf-life & multiple uses.

Stock up on hearty vegetables like hard squash, sweet potatoes, and onions as they can hang out in your pantry for weeks and be used in a wide range of recipes. Aromatic vegetables like celery, leeks, carrots, and bell peppers are also great because they can star in many different recipes. Citrus is an easy way to add a tangy contrast to marinades, salad dressings, and sauces. We also love apples and oranges because they make easy, healthy snacks.

Plan some scrappy "rescue"
recipes for straggler produce!

No matter how well you customize, there will always be weeks where you end up with too much of something, so keep a few recipes on deck to use them up. Freeze your extra kale for smoothies, pickle your leftover chiles for tacos, and make stock with extra carrots and celery for easy soups. These tricks will make each box more joyful and less wasteful in the long run.

Double check the quantity

Neck Printed Round Short Letter FRIENDS Sleeve Character Tee To avoid awkwardly large or small piles of your favorite veggies, be sure to check if an item comes by the count or by the pound. This seems insignificant until you receive 10 pounds of marble potatoes.

Have fun and lettuce know what you end up cooking with your next box on social media!
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