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Casual Taylor Selling Dress Selling Dress Casual Taylor H1xXqq0Ew

  • Nurses know tech.

    From Electronic Medical Records to Point of Care barcoding, new technology lets nurses spend less time behind a desk and more time bedside. Some nurses specialize in these systems, helping make healthcare more efficient.

  • You’ll need to lead.

    Because of the nursing shortage, nurses have more responsibility than ever. Specialties like Clinical Nurse Leader have emerged, and business and communication classes are core components of these advanced degrees.

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  • You can be your own boss.

    Nurse Practitioners can be patients’ primary healthcare providers, and run their own practice. Independent Nurse Contractors work for themselves and help the nursing shortage by practicing in underserved communities.

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  • Alternative medicine is going mainstream.

    Acupuncture, massage, and wellness coaching are all part of Holistic Nursing: treating patients by addressing the “whole” person. Some nursing schools now offer advanced practice degrees for this sought-after specialty.

  • Nurses can work outside of nursing.

    Going to nursing school doesn’t necessarily mean training to work in a hospital or doctor’s office. As a nurse, you could work in a Rider Rider Promotion Promotion Promotion Rider Rider Promotion Promotion Rider Z16Bw8qH, hold elective office, or practice law.

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    You can be the bridge between culture and healthcare.

    Take what you learn in nursing school and use it to help people of other cultures, and in other countries. Incorporating your knowledge of culture and faith can help give people of certain groups better care.

  • You’ll learn how to teach.

    A big part of being a nurse is guiding your patients: helping them with pre and post-operative care, explaining procedures, and educating them on conditions. Nurses who like teaching can help fight the nursing shortage even more.

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